It’s been 9 months, wow.

First of all, I ORD LO haha. Actually one month ago alr ORD. Haven’t been doing anything after that, Kinda depressing.

From the last time I updated, I went overseas twice in Army, they kinda suck but you get used to it. Army life was just the same thing over and over again really, quite monotonous. But now, I am a civilian again. Finally got my freedom back.

The whole NS experience I would say is quite a waste of time. If it payed more, like competitive salaries to civilian jobs, then might have been worth. But in the end quite wasteful of the 2 years.

I am quite lost on what to do though, need to get a job soon, dk what kind to find and stuff. Life is scary, and I gotta grow, even if I don’t wanna. So much for thinking about the future during NS. What a load of bull.

On the topic of phones, I got a new phone again lol. The time to re-contract came, and I got myself a P20. Not bad, but after I got it I realise no headphone jack FML. Everything other than that is good. I wonder why phone companies like to do something so dumb as to remove the jack. It’s so inefficient, all just to reduce phone size of a few mm?

Now to talk about gaming. Super Smash bros ultimate just released. I got it, not bad, but I haven’t put in much time in it yet. I had played Let’s go pokemon as well, nice throwback game but not that much to do in the game. I also played a ton of hours on HITMAN. Good game, lot’s of replay-ability. I had played MHW a while back as well, pretty good, but since I stuck on 2 weapons, nothing much after a while. plus it’s just repetitive grinding from a certain point onwards, so no fun after you finish the storyline and stuff.

Dk what else to say.

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Happy new year!

2018 Already. plus its almost April. Time flies.

Army life has fell into a comfortable routine. Still hate outfield tho.

Welfare wise, not much difference from before, still 2 Nights out per month, no canteen break, vending machine no OTOT. Change OC tho, which is pretty good actually. change csm too. Also a good thing.

Going overseas for army ops, sucks ass. R&R 1 day only.

Currently having block leave, not going overseas tho, no money man.

Just bought Nintendo Switch 2-3 weeks ago, it’s quite fun.

Thinking a bit for the future after NS now. Still got nothing tho.

Quit MLBB months ago, started Alchemist code in December, quit in March. Play BOTW at home. No overwatch anymore.

Man my life is boring.


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Wow, it’s been almost 9 months since i last posted. It’s fucking crazy man.

Time passes so fast when you’re in NS. Well, I shall update on what has happened then.

My Recruit life ended early march when I POP from Basic military training. Didn’t know where I was gonna go after that, didn’t have much hope in command school tho.

So there were some memorable things that happened during BMT after my last post, most memorable being oversleeping during field camp, oh how freaked out me and my buddy were then. No one came to wake us up since it was really dark and we were sleeping close  to the edge of our area. I remember waking up first, looking around and seeing nobody around. I hadn’t processed it yet, and so i woke my buddy up to ask for the time. When he looks at his watch, lo and behold, it was alr 7am+- way past our 530am timing to wake up. We were fucked.

After hurriedly packing our shit , we sneaked our way to the first parade area without anyone noticing. however, we asked around and realised that the strength had been reported, and they reported me and my buddy to have gone to see the Medical Office during the night, Since i was sick the previous night.

Thus, we had to own up. our platoon sergeant pumped us a little, then pumped everyone else together with us since it was a group failure of sorts. I felt that we got off easy that time. Well, someone else got fucked for reporting strength wrongly tho. Not my problem lol.

At the start of field camp, I had also freaked out as i realised i had not kept my phone in my locker before i left the bunk, just as I sat down on the bus towards field camp site. It felt really shitty to know that i couldn’t go back to fix the ‘problem’ without getting fucked even though i was so close to my bunk. I was really worried the entire day, keep trying to forget about it and deciding  whether or not to tell some sergeant about it. Luckily, a friend had to go back to bunk that day, and i asked him to help me keep it. what a relief. As a side note, my buddy left his locker wide open, unlocked at the same time lol.

After POP, I went to taiwan for a trip with my family. pretty fun. II have forgotten most of the trip already tho. Nothing much memorable to mention.

After the trip, its back to army. Went to my new camp, as a trooper. life sucks. pay sucks. First two months was training, quite slack as my day consisted of a few hours of training and then the rest of the day is just chill.

After those two months came another 2-4 months of many outfields and live firings and shit. it was annoying as fuck and i hated it.

Then I went SAF day parade to march. 6 days training burn my skin black as charcoal, for a shoe bag and a certificate which i didn’t get  cos the fucking didn’t print mine. Never want to experience that shit again.

that brings me near the current time where it’s quite chill.have a bit more welfare, got more nights out, a lot of chill time. Still quite a few outfields tho, which are shit.

What a long update. i skipped a lot of shit too already.

well i’ll just add in that I started playing Mobile legends and fininshed playing magikarp jump. Play a lot of overwatch at home too.

Till next time


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Work, Japan, Army

First things first, Happy New Year all you non-existent followers! First post in 2017, coincidentally i felt like posting today 1/1/2017 haha.

Alright, update from my last post, work was quite smooth afterwards, hardly any problems came up. I worked up till 4 months until my National Service enlistment letter came in. And damn, the date was only about 1 month plus away. So sian. And it almost clashed with my Japan holiday i had planned months ago. (I started to work to pay for the trip).

My return flight was 8 Nov and Enlistment was 10 Nov. But lucky i still have the trip before I go to army to be dog.

Japan. Well, I had been to Japan before, and also roughly the same places in Tokyo. But this time the trip was with my friends, and we also went to Osaka. We went to sightsee quite a few tourist spots, I won’t go into it since got so many articles on Tokyo/Japan sightseeing out there. The takeaway is, Japan is awesome. All the japanese food i ate there was nice, even the normal cheap family restaurants. Sushi and ramen, They really are the best when you eat in japan.

So backtracking a bit, lets talk about my work. after i got the enlistment letter, i immediately applied for 1 month notice resignation. Their farewell gift was 50 dollars attendance bonus lol. for the 5 months i work there, only that last one they free give me that 50 dollars. Looking back, now 2 months into army and 2+ months after resigning, I miss the friends and working there. Haven’t gone back to visit since i have very little time during my weekend bookouts. plus i was sick a lot and also lazy.

Fast forward to enlistment, it was shag. i already forget all the details, but the 2 weeks plus confinement in camp at the start felt sooooo fucking long. It helped me adjust to army(dog) life though. the month after felt like it passed by so fast.

Army life = Dog life. Me as a recruit is really like dog, do whatever need permission  and wait for orders then do. Thats why i love my CV life during weekends where i nua at home whole day use com and stuff.

BMT is starting next week though, and it’s gonna become more strict. Will update next time, when i remember, maybe a few months later.

Oh ya, almost forgot, I just bought new phone, Samsung S7 Edge! Re-contracted phone line then get this flagship model. First time i get flagship model phone lol. looking forward to using it.

Thats all, signing out.


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Work work work work work


It’s a tiring thing.

A troublesome thing.

But you get money from it.


Thats why, I am currently working part time.

Oh, also, i failed one course in my last sem of poly so i retained. fml.

Thats why i have a lot of free time to work.

I work in a desert store. It’s okay. work hours are long tho.

Pay is decent, $7/hour for menial labour.

Had a talk with superior, about work schedule for exams, touched upon my work evaluation.

The boss is unsatisfied.

This sucks.

he says I am not good enough is certain aspects, mainly about my facial expressions and intonations while servicing customers.

But what can i do? My facial expression naturally regresses into a stone face when I’m tired, or just by it’s natural state, it’s not a happy looking face. I’m not handsome either, so both counts against me.

I feel like i could improve, but i wasn’t as bad as the evaluation made it out to be.

I did speak to customers with varied tone, not just a flat tone. my stone face was real tho.

Contemplating on quitting, gotta make a pros and cons list to figure shit out.

the boss also say due to certain circumstances, my pay is slightly higher then my part time colleagues, so he expects more from me.. dude, 50cents an hour more, is not bad, but that puts pressure on me, uneeded, unwanted. I’d rather have had the same pay as the rest and not have to work extra hard. Though if they reduced my pay, it’s an impetus to quit lol.

contradictory right? yes and no. I’m a lazy person, but i like money, so there, it logics perfectly.

I am definitely not the best worker, I admit it. But I can improve and I will improve, the only thing is if others will actually notice it and if it’s fast enough for the boss’s liking.

One thing i’d like to complain about is the boss bringing up some colleagues as reference to how well i should be doing, e.g. you don’t want to be lousier than (example) when she is newer than you right? Hello, she is newer than me by like 4 or so days only! And whats more, she has f&b experience already under her belt, and not an insignificant amount. I on the other hand, am a lazy fuck and have not had a proper permanent job (part time) ever, the longest I had worked was 1 month or so at a retail shop as temp retail assistant, and in that i didn’t need to be good since i was only there for a month and did the shitty things only ( basically easily replaceable). For my first proper job, i feel like I have already done a good job to my non-existent previous abilities.

Well, rant over, and i gotta do other shit. and it’s 2:46am  damn.


edit: currently have worked about 1 month 3 weeks or so

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Way of living.

This is how i will live by from now.

In the future, I will only do things I like. If it is something I don’t like, and I can quit, I WILL quit it fast, quit it early, before i cannot get off the figurative tiger’s back. Be Decisive on quitting.

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Update: My Life

Not much happening in my life, I am studying in Poly, slack a lot.

Read a lot of light novels from novelupdates.com n stuff. Watch youtube vids, watch  hearthstone streams, play hearthstone, play tetris.

fucking lot of mosquitos in my house nowadays. just 2 or 3 days ago i killed like 9 of them in one go. at night. crazy shit. The electic racket thing is real awesome, kills the little shits easily

Also, i listen to a lot of K Pop, but I’m not crazy into it. no fandoms and that crazy shit.I just go to K2Nblog.com to see the featured albums and see nice or not.

Well, I’ll talk about the novels i like to read now.

No.1 is ISSTH (I shall seal the heavens). This one is good, update like 2 chapters a day, which is like half the reason why it is the best novel.

No.2 is well, there is no number 2, just many other not numbered ones. They are: Skyfire avenue, Warlock of Magus World, World of Cultivation, Long Live Summons, True Martial World, Swallowed Star, Kumo Desu Ga Nani Ka, Death March, Reincarnator, Heavenly Jewel Charge. These are the ones I like to read more, and not the filler reads. Those are many and too much to list. In addition, there is also Coeus from RRL (RoyalRoadL) and Mother of learning from fictionpress (https://www.fictionpress.com/s/2961893/1/Mother-of-Learning).

Lemme give u abit of intro

ISSTH: Good Xianxia/xuanhuan novel, lots of epic moments, smart MC.

Skyfire Avenue: Wine, food, Culture, and fighting thrown in

Warlock of Magus world: Smart MC training to be a Mage. Not cliche Swords and magic world, a little different and more grim world.

World of Cultivation: Funny story, a farmer boy in a sect who loves money grows stronger from various incidents

LLS: Strong MC who has to grow, funny as well,

True Martial World:Smart MC as well, quite slow paced.

Swallowed Star: post apocalypse earth becomes xianxia kind of. Got high tech and human cultivated powers

Kumo desu Ga: Reincarnation into a Spider! Funny story

Death March: OP MC who goes on cooking adventure and saving lolis

Reincarnator: Smart MC travels back in time, alot of fighting, Korean novel.

HJC: Xianxia lo

Mother of Learning: time travel loop, Magic, good story


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